Do these four easy things to add a touch of Scotland to your wedding or event

Is your fiancé or their family lobbying for a full Scottish wedding and you need a compromise? Or, do you enjoy a Scottish aesthetic but you don’t want your wedding to look like a RenFest or like your guests wandered onto the set of Outlander? Worry not. We have you covered.

Follow these four suggestions for how to add a Scottish touch to your wedding in a way that is elegant and timeless.

1. Include Scottish Flowers

Flowers of the Scottish Highlands

The most iconic Scottish flower is the thistle, a rugged bloom that comes in a range of blues and purples. The other most recognizable Scottish flower is heather, which covers most of the Scottish Highlands in beautiful carpets of pink and purple hues.

The thistle is one of the most recognizable symbols of Scotland and this rugged bloom looks lovely in flower arrangements year round. You can incorporate them into bouquets and boutonnières, add them to table arrangements and place settings, and even adorn your cake with a few of these stunning flowers. Anyway you choose to add them, they’ll bring a sophisticated feel of the Scottish Highlands to your wedding.

After thistle, heather is the most recognizable bloom from Scotland. This small flower grows all over the Highlands painting the countryside many gorgeous shades of pink and purple. Heather is easy to add to any floral arrangement whether as accents to bouquets and boutonnières, or as crowns for flower girls or ring bearers.

2. Subtle Tartan Accents

Subtle and Tartan may not be two words you associate with each other but we promise there are easy, elegant ways to include tartan that won’t have your guests screaming “freeeeeedom.”

Drape tartan blankets over the bride and groom’s chairs, incorporate tartan table runners or have squares of tartan fabric at the center of the guest tables, or use a tartan ribbon as an accent whether tied around utensils, candles, or even chairs.

Don’t know if you have a tartan associated with you or your fiancee’s family? Use the What’s My Tartan tool to find out which tartans are associated with your surname. If you already have your wedding colors picked out and aren’t sure if there’s a tartan that will go well with your colors use the Scottish Register of Tartan’s to search by colors.

3. Add an Accessory or Two

For a particularly subtle touch you can choose a tartan garter. You can also add a touch of tartan to your ring bearer with a tartan ring pillow.

A Scottish wedding tradition is to have a hand fastening included during the exchanging of vows. A hand fastening ribbon is used to bind the couples hands together in a symbolic gesture of the binding together of two people.

4. A Taste of Scotland

Treat your guests to a sweet taste of Scotland by serving them shortbread cookies. The best part about shortbread is that you can do so much with them: decorate the cookies in the same colors as your wedding, stamp them with your initials and wedding date, you can even add flowers to the tops of your cookies!

Send your guests off with something sweet to remember you by with a little box of shortbread or even scones wrapped in romantic paper and sealed with wax.

For a more adult twist serve a whisky based cocktail like an Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour or ask your baker to whip up a chocolate wedding cake with a whisky ganache.

Did you choose to include Scottish touches in your wedding? We’d love to see your photos that you can upload here!