How to Use What’s My Tartan

There are three types of tartan associations: (1) Clan/related family, (2) Organizational, and (3) Regional tartans. Each of the 200+ Scottish clans have multiple tartans. For example, a clan may have a modern tartan, an ancient tartan, a tartan for formal occasions, another for hunting, or a tartan that is woven in more muted colors. Additionally, all of these different tartans can be woven in heavy (16 oz) medium (13 oz) and light (11oz) weight fabric. Traditional kilts are made using heavy (16 oz) weight fabric, but utility kilts sometimes use lighter tartans and fabrics, like denim. We present you with each one of those tartans and in each weight available, as options. Organizations, like the 5 U.S. military service branches, firefighters, police, clergy, or several of the various regiments in the UK and Canada, also have associated tartans. Regionally, there are overall national tartans for Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the USA, and Canada. Some regions in Scotland and many Irish counties have associated tartans. With this introduction, here’s how to use What’s My Tartan to find your best option to wear and celebrate your heritage, life, and experience.

  • Enter your first and last name. Optionally, you may also enter your Mother’s maiden name and other surnames by clicking the box “Enhanced Search with Additional Surnames”.
  • If you wish to include regional tartans, click the box “Enhanced Search with Regional Tartans” and enter the regions in which your family has lived or for which you have a strong affinity.
  • Check the boxes of all organizations in which you or your family members have been a part. Select email options then click “I’m not a robot” and “Search”.
  • What’s My Tartan will search our database of clan-last name relationships to find clans associated with your last name and will also find tartans for the organizations and regions you have selected/entered.
  • Click on the most meaningful clan, organization, or region, then browse and select the products and specific tartans you like the most! You can hover over the names of the different tartans to preview the different tartan designs. Wear and celebrate your positive heritage, life, and experience!

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