Video Games and Kilts – Why Gamers Should Wear a Kilt

You most likely have never heard “video games” and “kilt” used in the same sentence. There are probably a million other things associated with gamers before a man-skirt (it’s called a kilt). Anime, Red Bull, action, knights, orcs, dwarves, magic, spells, fortress, nexus, minions, heroes, champions…the list goes on as terms more associated with video games than kilts. However, is it possible that the two should be more closely linked? Why should gamers invest in a kilt, and how could it possibly benefit them?

Headphones, keyboard, coffee, snacks, and controllers lay strewn after a hard gaming session.
A typical gaming scene, but it is missing a kilt.

Here are the top three reasons that every game should be a ‘kilted gamer’.

Every Gamer Needs to Cool His/Her Hardware

Whether it is a computer, Xbox, or PlayStation, all consoles have a way to cool down. Some gamers even buy an external cooling device to cool down their laptops. But if cooling a laptop is important enough to warrant buying a cooling device, cooling the gamer warrants buying a kilt.

Imagine that you are gaming hard, playing your favorite game while listening to your favorite tunes. You take a quick sip of Red Bull or soda as the online multiplayer game begins. There can only be one winner, and obviously with your skills it must be you. You get the right items, kill the right players. You are crushing the competition and are easily cruising to a victory when a huge fight breaks out that will determine the outcome of the match. And suddenly, BAM! You are blinded from the sweat pouring into your eyes. Your fingers are slippery from the perspiration. And you are uncomfortable from sweat in parts I won’t mention. You are overheated and killed in the game because of your careless real life mistakes. Your crucial error? You are not cooling your own hardware. WEAR A KILT!

But seriously, the breeze is nice. You got to try it. Click here to start finding the perfect kilt for you now.

Kilts Will Differentiate Yourself From Millions of Other Streamers

Streaming has transformed from a fun, unique hobby that potentially was a side hustle to a viable, mainstream career option that is attracting millions. According to twitchtracker, there are nearly 4 million unique broadcasters per month, and this number is continuously growing. Plus, there are so many platforms vying to compete with Twitch that it is safe to say that there are at least 4 million streamers that broadcast monthly. So, how can you distinguish yourself from the endless pool of streamers? I will answer that question with a followup question. Think of any top streamer. Perhaps there are many reasons why they are successful, but what sets them apart? What makes them unique?

The most famous streamer of all time Ninja always has had colorful hair albeit pink, purple, or blue. Tyler1 is well known for his muscular physique as well as his crazed, angry outbursts. During a time when all Twitch broadcasters had to have a camera, LIRIK shocked the streaming world because he did not use a camera and became extremely successful. Even a polarizing personality like Dr. Disrespect has found success because he has an identity.

Acrylic kilts in different tartans and styles.
Find the kilt that best suits you.

Kilts are already successfully being used by social media personalities. Look no further than the man known as the Scottish Yoga Boy. He has taken a common online activity (there are probably as many online yoga instructors as there are esport streamers) and been successful at marketing himself and his blog using a kilt.

So why can’t a kilt become your own purple or blue hair? We here at The Tartan Kilt firmly believe that a streamer can stand out from among the millions by donning a kilt and celebrating Celtic heritage and traditions. You can even find out if you have Celtic heritage by typing your last name into our What’s My Tartan tool.

If you have Scottish or Irish ancestry and stream on Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, or Facebook, the decision to celebrate your heritage via a kilt is a no brainer. As Evil Geniuses say, live evil and be you.

Be Like the Legendary Roman Foot Soldiers Or Spartans

Throughout military history, the man-skirt has been worn by some of the most legendary armies. For example, the movie 300 was based off a small group of Greek skirted Spartans that held off thousands of Persians. Perhaps some of their strength, bravery, and dominating spirit came from their man-skirts.

The Roman Empire stretched from western Europe all the way into the Middle East because its army was feared by all. What did the Roman foot soldiers wear? You guessed it, a kilt. They were not afraid to wear a kilt into battle and neither should you be afraid. A kilt is super comfortable, fun, and exciting. So, be like the legendary armies and wear a kilt.