Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Without the Crowds

While not the worst effect of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), St. Patrick’s Day festivals all over the world have been canceled. Major parades in Dublin, New York, and Boston as well as smaller parades throughout the world have been cancelled. Most countries have also discouraged large gatherings and crowds which will surely dampen celebrations in local pubs. So how do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day when the world is quarantined? Read on for six easy ways to celebrate Irish heritage this St. Patrick’s Day even if you are hiding away.

Explore your Irish ancestry

Don’t know where to start? Until March 18th, Genetic Ethnicity DNA kits from Ancestry.com are nearly 50% off. Also, check out our post on which Ancestry DNA kit is right for you. You could try typing your last name into our What’s My Tartan tool for free to see if it is associated with any Irish county. From there, you could take a look at Ancestry.com or FamilySearch.org to explore your own Irish ancestry in more depth. If you still want to dive deeper in your own family history, there really is no better time to order an ancestry DNA test. Make this St. Patrick’s Day special by finding out more about all your Irish roots!

Buy yourself some Irish whiskey or Guinness and matching glasses

Who says that you need to be at the pub to drink some authentically Irish alcohol? Go out and buy a case of Guinness or a bottle of some fine Irish whiskey. If you want to make the experience more authentic, buy some matching whiskey glasses or a Guinness pint glass. Add some green food coloring if you want!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some authentic Irish beer.

Learn the basics on the bagpipe

Bring the best of the St. Patrick’s Day parade to you! All you need is a practice chanter and an instructional book and you are on your way. Plus the best way to remain isolated from your neighbors is to start learning the bagpipes. Nobody will want to come close to your apartment or house for at least a few weeks.

Watch an Irish show on Netflix

There is almost every flavor of Irish shows now on Netflix. Into a rather dark sitcom with an Irish twist? Check out Derry Girls. Looking for a war drama as the Irish fight for independence? Check out Rebellion. Want to learn about real life violence that killed members of a Irish unity band? Watch The Miami Showband Massacre. The accents, themes, and music of these shows will make this St. Patrick’s Day truly Irish.

Learn how to bake an Irish soda bread

One of the most uniquely Irish foods is soda bread. Each family recipe typically differs in minor ways. Some recipes call for caraway seeds, others add raisins, while a few even combine the two. Explore all the possible soda breads this St. Patrick’s Day. If you are not ready to take on this baking challenge yet and would prefer to see others try baking different types of bread, you can always watch The Great British Bake Off on Netflix.

Paul Hollywood, an international expert on bread baking, can be quite tough on contestants.

Do some therapy shopping for Irish goods

There are a lot of ways to wear your Irish heritage. For those places in which March is still practically a winter month, consider buying an Irish scarf. Or if you live somewhere that is warmer, consider buying a heathergem thistle brooch or Irish wool necktie. Avoiding stores by shopping online is an extra bonus!

A man celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a pub.
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year will not be as easy, but there are still ways to celebrate.

St Patrick’s Day in a time of coronavirus

COVID-19 is starting to look more like a true pandemic. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19. We encourage you to seek out reliable information for answers to questions about COVID-19 and don’t forget to wash your hands regularly! But also don’t let COVID-19 stand in your way of enjoying this St. Patrick’s Day!