Buy your Clan’s Historical Home: Scottish Castles for Sale

These last few months of social distancing have meant more time spent at home than ever. For many people, this extra time at home has led to a realization that they would like more space. If you are looking for a bigger home on a large plot of land, maybe buying a Scottish Castle for sale is for you. If you’re lucky, you might be able to snatch up your clan’s historical home. The move overseas might be difficult, but there are lots of new online moving tools to help with that. Check out this list of marvelous Scottish castles for sale.

Seton Castle

Picture of Seton Castle for Sale
Picture from savills agent listing

Price: £8,000,000 ($10,190,000)

You will never get bored of staying at home if you buy Seton Castle. You would have 13 bedrooms and would be surrounded by 13 acres of private gardens. This version of the castle was built in 1789 using the stone from the previous iteration of Seton Palace, described by Mary Queen of Scots as her preferred retreat. The castle has the historical mystique of secret staircases and hidden doors but includes many modern amenities such as a gym, cinema, and helipad.

Earlshall Castle

Picture of Earshall Castle for Sale
Picture from savills agent listing

Price: Not listed

Earlshall is a more reasonably sized Scottish castle for sale, but it still has a rich history. The Earlshall estate was named after the hunting lodge of ‘The Erlishall’ owned by relatives of King Robert de Bruce. The Earlshall Castle was built by Sir William Bruce starting in 1546. Earlshall also has its ties to Mary Queen of Scots. She visited Sir William Burce here in 1561 as did James I of England decades later. The castle was built with large windows rather than the small slits for defense that were common at the time. However, the castle does include musket loops and smaller windows in strategic to ensure against armed incursion. Also, if you are looking to raise your own sheep to make your own wool and kilts, Earlshall Castle has an additional 19 acres of grazing.

Fa’side Castle

Picture of Fa'side Castle for Sale
Picture from savills agent listing

Price: £1,700,000 ($2,165,000)

Fa’side Castle has architectural features dating back to the 14th century, but it is more restrained than the previous two castles for sale. It still has the touchstones of a castle: vaulted ceilings, painted murals, and plenty of bedrooms. However, this castle does not have the rich history of royals that many would expect from a Scottish castle.

Balcary Tower

Pitcure of Balcary Tower for Sale
Picture from Galbraith agent listing

Price: £1,111,111 ($1,400,000)

If you are looking for water views with your castle then the Balcary Tower is the castle for you. Larid of Auchencairn built this house around 1860 for his Franch mistress. The current owners refurbished the castle in 2012. In addition to the beautiful views, this castle also has a sea-filled stone pool. Although you will live far from the closest metropolitan area, there is high speed internet so you can continue reading your favorite kilt blog.

Coupland Castle

Picture of Coupland Castle for Sale
Picture from Galbraith agent listing

Price: £1,900,000 ($2,400,000)

If you were to buy the Coupland Castle, you would truly own a piece of history. The tower of this Scottish castle for sale was constructed in the 1580s making it the last fortified building to be constructed along the border between Scotland and England. This location was chosen perhaps because 200 years earlier the Coupland lands belonged to Sir John de Coupland who captured the Scottish King at the Battle of Neville’s Cross in 1346. One of the most unique features of this castle is the tower’s stairwell. While most stairwells in castles of this time are built to allow right-handed swordsman to defend the property, this castle contains a stairwell with a reverse spiral to allow a left-handed swordsman to defend the property.